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Equipment List

We have full production kits in-house making us both financially competitive but also very quick to respond to a breaking story.

From 4k imaging to multi-camera live streaming to 360 interactive video and motion time-lapse we've got you covered.

4.6k Digital film cameras

6k Digital film cameras

8-camera live streaming equipment

360 degree interactive cameras

Nikon Stills Cameras

Motion Control Equipment:

    Track & Dolly


    Remote Heads


16mm T1.4 Prime

24mm T1.4 Prime

36mm T1.4 Prime

50mm T1.4 Prime

85mm T1.4 Prime

24-70mm F2.8 Zoom

70-200mm F2.8 Zoom

100mm 1:1 Macro Prime

2X Extender

Production Matte Box & Filters

Post Production

Apple Mac Edit Suites with:

    DaVinci Resolve

    Adobe Premiere

    Adobe After Effects

    4k Monitoring

Fully mobile flight-cased suite for on-location.

All necessary power & media supplied with the equipment

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